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Running For Recovery From Mental Illness

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Daniel who continues a brilliant recovery from Schizophrenia has continued on his augmented clozapine regimen. He remains our hero, and continues to not only put a smile on our faces but inspire us. He is presently a fourth-year college student who lives in a suite on campus at SUNY Purchase. He continues to perform and has developed a fan base as an aspiring stand-up comic. He is happy and he has a life full of meaning. We need to devote the appropriate resources to mental illness and have the courage to confront our own fears. Team Daniel is working with the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation to fund the best treatment now and discover better treatments in the future. We hope to build a beacon of exceptional care modeled on our experience with Daniel. Just imagine the Team Daniel Holistic Clozapine Clinic. It is a dream now, but I see it as an achievable reality. We just need the will.

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