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RacingthePlanet-IcelandAs many of you already know, I will be attempting to complete the RacingThePlanet Iceland event that starts on August 4th, 2013. This is a self-supported multi-day run/trek that goes 250 kilometers through the country-side in Iceland. We will be carrying packs that weigh between 8-10 kilos, and running or walking between 40 and 67 kilometers a day, 5 days in a row. In case you were wondering whether the pack really makes a difference, the first time I tried running with my pack, I was passed by a grandmother doing her daily speed-walk.
Click here to read up about the race and see some stunning pictures of the scenery.
Racingtheplanet-icelandThis letter, however, is not meant to just ask for kind encouragement during the race. I’d like to ask for your support in the form of sponsorship to a cause that is near and dear to my heart, the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation (BBR Foundation). BBR Foundation funds research via grants for improving the treatment of mental illnesses for anything from PTSD to Schizophrenia. Mental illnesses are often stigmatized and hidden from the public, despite the fact that nearly a fifth of the world report conditions that qualify for a diagnosis. These illnesses often have a debilitating effect not only on the mentally ill, but on their family and friends as well. My family has been profoundly affected by this over the last 2 decades, and it is a battle that still brings tears to my eyes.
To make a donation, click here. And worth mentioning…100% of your donation will be used to fund research. Your generosity will go a long way.
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