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Neil Barber is a warrior in the true sense of the word. He has suffered from mental illness for over 22 years and has fought it valiantly. Until he was 16, Neil was every parents dream. He was a kind, sensitive, funny, spirited son who was a bit of a devil and a truly gifted athlete. He excelled at every sport he ever tried.
Unfortunately, mental illness had other plans for Neil and no one can even imagine the torture his mind has endured. He has been through hell, but he has never lost his indomitable spirit, his humor or his kind heart. He is so supportive and helpful to the other patients in the hospital and (sometimes to our dismay) gives away most every gift we bring him to someone less fortunate. Neil has taught us that a great life is defined by attitude, not by where you live or what you have. Neil is an inspiration in a situation that most would find intolerable .He disdains pity or for anyone to feel sorry for him . Mental illness is a lonely, isolating disease for him and his family. Unlike physical illness, mental illness carries a stigma..Many people don't understand it and say hurtful things about the mentally ill. Neil wants only to get well, to have friends, especially a girlfriend, his music and some cigarettes. We would be so happy if there was a cure for this devastating brain illness, not only for Neil, but for all who suffer from this horrible disease. We are so grateful for anything you can give to this worthy cause,
All I can say is, "Go Neilbo! Keep up the good fight! We are so proud of you."

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