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March 28, 2014

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Theta Chi Epsilon Theta presents the return of Tufts' Best Dance Crew, where the top dance troupes of Tufts University go to head to head in a battle of skill, talent, and energy for a chance to claim this prestigious title.

This year, Tufts' Best Dance Crew will be supporting the Brain and Behavior foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to understanding and improving treatment of various mental health conditions in both adults and children. An averaged 1 in every 4 Americans lives with mental illness, many of these having severe impacts on daily activities and functions. The Brain and Behavior foundation will be furthering mental health research and helping millions of Americans across the country. With this year's Tufts Best Dance Crew, we aim to not only benefit the Brain and Behavior Foundation, but to also raise awareness of mental health disorders in our community.

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