In memory of Jeff Miller.

A personal campaign sponsored by Jeff Miller

Support Me

In lieu of flowers, food, and cards, in honor of Jeff’s memory, please consider a donation to help fund mental health research.  We ask that you contribute any amount to help fund this cause so that we may help those who need it.  Most do not realize how difficult it can be to struggle just to live day to day with such an affliction.  Things we take for granted and don’t even think about, can be a major hurdle for those with such a disease.  Even though this issue is a tough one, it is something that affects us all.  Mental health research is grossly underfunded, and the discussion of such a topic is often taboo; please help us to change this, and make a difference in the lives of families who so desperately seek improvement in the quality of life for themselves and loved ones.

Thank you for loving Jeff, and helping us to honor his memory by helping others.


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