In memory of Gary Pesche

A personal campaign sponsored by Erin Johnson

Support Me

Having a family member or friend who suffers from mental illness can create many challenges; challenges for loved ones and challenges for, most importantly, the one living with the illness.  Our father suffered from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.  The impact this illness had on his life is immeasurable.  He was an extremely smart, handsome, funny, well mannered man with a heart of gold.  He had a life that was full of promise.  He also faced an illness, an illness that over time, would dismantle his life.  In the passing of this great man - our father, we have been inspired to make a difference by supporting research for mental illness.  We believe that supporting scientific research will ultimately have the greatest impact.  Please take the time to consider a donation.  Our goal is to donate $1000 in honor of our dad.  Thank you for your time and your support.



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