In Memory of Esmond (Essie) McCarthy

A personal campaign sponsored by Rolinda McCarthy

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On March 25, 2015 my 30 year old son committed suicide by hanging himself off a bridge not too far from the base that he spent his military career. Esmond was diagnosis with PTSD and severe depression in 2011, before his diagnosis the only thing I knew about this disorder was that it affected many people coming back from some form of military deployment.  There are so many different stereo typing and misinformation circulating that information gets lost in the noise. After my son’s death I wanted to find a way to help other families, so that they would not go through the same pain that my family experienced.  At the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation, they are doing real work researching the cause, the pathology, the factors associated with the disorder, the diagnosis, the treatments, and a list of helpful research and support that would help other families.


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