Kaci's 21st Birthday

A personal campaign sponsored by Kaci McClure

June 22, 2015

Support Me

Hello, thank you for visiting my page! My 21st birthday is on July 5th, and people have been asking me what I want for my birthday, but I don't want or need anything. My mom and step dad have blessed me by helping me go out of state for college, study abroad in Europe, pursue dance, and so much more. Instead of asking for more stuff, I would like to see my friends and family support something that I care about. So, to help make my 21st birthday special and memorable, please consider donating to the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation through my fundraising page. The money helps with mental health awareness and research, and I chose it in honor of my grandmother, Karen Morgan. Any amount is appreciated, and I thank you for your generousity in honor of my sweet grandmother and my 21st birthday! 


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