Your Not alone : To Bunsky and Beyond

A personal campaign sponsored by Julie Olsen

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This page is in tribute to a friend of mine who decided the world no longer needed him. He decided he was a burden, that he wasn't worth the work for the wait, that we would all be better off without him. I understand these feelings. They have visited me at night and in waking dreams throughout my life. These are the feelings of depression and anxiety. Feelings that fool us into thinking that we are not enough, that we are alone that nobody cares. These feelings make us think that we should be stronger than we are and they're there something wrong with us. Depression and anxiety is a silent but deadly killer. So many people go undiagnosed thinking maybe they're just not a morning person or maybe they're just tired of going through a funk. This page is to help me pull out of my depression by raising money for research. My two favorite things to do or to help and to make art. I am currently making silk flags and 10% of the proceeds go towards this fund.

My peace flags will flap in the breeze just like my friends funny dance where he would flap his arms and legs about to make us smile. It's a reminder then even if you are sad and feel like you are awkwardly flapping in the breeze of life you can still changes lives. So be yourself and nuture what make you happy..... you are a work of art.

Thanks for all the memories Bunsky.


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