Sumner Germain Memorial

A personal campaign sponsored by Mirah, Murray, Emma, Rachel Becker

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My father, Sumner Germain, suffered from severe mental illness and over the years we watched him tenaciously fight for a life that was honorable and good and not labelled at all by his disability.

My dad was a passionate professor of literature for 50 years. Sumner was much beloved by his students. He was the best father a daughter could ever ask for. My dad never complained about his suffering, but I knew life was hard for him and it is my most cherished wish to have more people care and step up to take action in the fight against mental illness, and to help better support the families impacted by these afflictions.

Your kind donations are  given directly from this page to the BRAIN and BEHAHAVOIR RESEACH FOUNDATION.  This is a highly rated charity that uses donations to fund mental health research.

More information about this organization can be found at the main webpage

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