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We have set up this page in memory of my mom, Cecilia Buster, who suffered most of her life from depression, anxiety, and borderline personality disorder. Throughout her life she was unable to find the good help she needed and we believe her borderline personality disorder went undiagnosed until just recently although it was something she struggled with during her entire life. Because we didn't know the diagnosis, we were unable to help her, as we didn't understand what she was going through. In my research, I have found that doctors are not comfortable diagnosing patients and some even refuse to see them because "dealing with" or treating someone with BPD is so challenging and difficult and not enough research has been done for the physician or patient. My mom was a very sweet woman who had very serious problems of which I tried to help all that I could for a very long time. Maybe I (we) can help now in a different way by helping research scientists help those in the future. If you clicked on this link and showed interest, I thank you – please don’t feel obligated to donate, but if you do I thank you that much more. - Noreen


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