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In loving memory of Sidharth Ramakrishnan

A personal campaign sponsored by T. S., Malini, and Shwetha Ramakrishnan

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“If people chose to help each other, even in the absence of a selfish motive or common identity, all the convoluted social structures, norms, and institutions we have today need not exist.” – Sidharth


On September 21, 2016, Sidharth took his own life at Carleton College in Minnesota. He is and will be deeply missed.


Sidharth was a brilliant, complex, and compassionate being. His research was primarily focused on biochemical pathways, and he hoped to find a way to combat depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder in patients through augmenting his efforts with concentrations in chemistry, neurobiology, and physics. In addition to his passion for science, Sid loved table tennis, classical music (especially playing the clarinet), hiking, SpongeBob, reading (mostly nonfiction, but he had a love for Orwell and devoured Harry Potter), and Ferrero Rocher chocolate. He made a point to treat all beings equally, from understanding the stories of homeless veterans to spending afternoons with the custodial staff at Carleton College to gently trapping spiders, ants, and bees in his palms before releasing them outdoors.


Even in his last moments, Sidharth was focused on helping others, asking for his possessions to be donated to those who need it most. In his memory, Sidharth’s family is setting up this memorial fund to support advances in the field he loved most, brain chemistry. All money will be donated to The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation (https://bbrfoundation.org), an organization committed to alleviating the suffering caused by mental illness by awarding NARSAD Grants to support breakthroughs in scientific research.


If you are able, the family asks that you donate to this cause in lieu of flowers. Another way to express your support is by visiting Amazon Smile and selecting the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation; a portion of all of Amazon purchases will be donated to the charity in perpetuity.


“Every one of us sits among 7.1 billion versions of ourselves, slightly different, all with dreams and failures and triumphs and relations and a desperate need for some role to play, some acknowledgement from the others in our species that we matter.” – Sidharth


A memorial event to celebrate Sidharth's life will be held on Saturday, October 1 between 3-5PM at Acton Congregational Church (12 Concord Rd, Acton, MA). All are welcome to attend.