Books for Brains: Detention Land

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Dear Friends,

Books for Brains is an amazing opportunity to read popular books while raising funds for the Brain and Behavior Research foundation.

The featured book for this campaign is Detention Land by Susan Orion.

Detention Land is a hilarious novel about a boy genius who can't stay out of trouble. He ends up locked in detention indefinitely and the only way to escape is by solving a mystery about the voice who talks to him from behind the detention walls. 

For only $2.99, you can get your e-copy of Detention Land from iBooks,, Barnes & Nobel, Kobo, and many other online stores. The best part is 100% of the proceeds go directly to the BBR Foundation. Now that is a smart way to donate :)

Here is the Amazon link:

About the author (that's me!)
My name is Susan Orion, author of Detention Land and Really Weird Dads.  I have an MA in Educational Psychology and currently pursuing a PhD in Education.  I absolutely love writing and supporting amazing causes like the BBR Foundation. Thank you for downloading my book and making a positive change! I am honoured to have your support in the campaign, Books for Brains.

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