Donations In Loving memory of Kelsey Mariah Thomas

A personal campaign sponsored by Molly Thomas

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Kelsey battled mental illness for her entire life. She developed symptoms of Bipolar Mania in May 2016 which was later changed to a diagnosis of schizophrenia. She was in a constant mental battle distinguishing reality from the delusions that seemed so real to her, which ultimately led to her suiccide. If we knew more about this disease and how early it developed, we might have been able to help her more.
Kelsey had such a kind, beautiful soul who helped people in need. She filled the room with laughter wherever she was. 
Please when someone takes their own life do not judge them for we don't know the battle or illness they are dealing with. Friends who suffer from any mental illness, please stay strong. With your donations, researchers will find more about this disease and other mental illnesses so treatment will be more successful.  They can help with prevention, recognition and care for those suffering.


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