Holiday Cheer for Those With PTSD and other Anxiety Disorders

A personal campaign sponsored by Megan DePerro

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Christmas, Yule, Winter Solstice, and Hanukkah are all right around the corner. This is the season of perpetual hope and giving. A time to help others. Every day an astounding twenty veterans in the USA sadly commit suicide from PTSD. Combat veterans, parents whose child dies, biological parents, parents with terminally ill children, parents with missing children, domestic violence survivors, sexual assault survivors, police officers, firefighters, and child abuse survivors have high rates of PTSD. Post tramautic stress disorder is crippling as are other anxiety disorders. Yes, everyone gets a little anxious now and then such as before performing on stage. Anxiety disorders are persistent anxiety even when one should feel comfortable. Panic disorder is a life debilitating disorder where the person suddenly feels sweaty, dizzy, extremely scared, dry throat, pounding heart, and other extremely uncomfortable feelings. Agoraphobia effects millions of people as well where they get panic attacks traveling far from home or going into large areas. No, people cannot talk themselves out of agoraphobia or PTSD or any other kind of anxiety disorder. PTSD is not a sign of weakness. Our combat veterans, our women and children who have survived domestic violence, our police officers etc have seen things and endured things nobody should have to. Forty million Americans have some type of anxiety disorder which cost them their ability to function properly, hold down a job, socialize, and live a good life. Mental illness also costs the taxpayers billions every year. 

Whatever you're celebrating  this December, please reach into your heart and your pocket and make a donation to the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation to find better treatments and cures for anxiety disorders because for many suffering they are not easy or possible to overcome as of today. With your donation, 100% will be spent on research, and we can work for a better tomorrow where all effected can be helped. 

Donate any amount you can but $250 + is tax deductible. Remember as you rest easy tonight, tens of millions will not. Help ease their burden. 





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