Cupcake's Comrades

A personal campaign sponsored by Lauren (Comrade Cupcake)

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You are glorious, comrade!

Thank you for taking the journey with me to support the research, prevention, and treatment of mental health conditions. In my experience, the gaming community is full of those of us actively managing or at risk for anxiety and depression. It is also often a safe place for those suffering PTSD or averse social conditions.

I love gamers and I love my comrades, which is why I have always been a supporter of mental health. I want to build up my friends and comrades by supporting a cause which impacts us as a group regardless of nationality, creed, or age. Research is both timeless and global, which is an important consideration when supporting the diverse community of gamers that I love so much.

Visit my broadcast on Sundays at to hang out with the community while we talk about mental health!

If you have something to spare, please consider contributing to BBRF through the Cupcake's Comrades campaign. You are glorioUS!


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