In Memory of Allison Amanda Chlan Fellner

A personal campaign sponsored by Eleanor Chlan

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On Valentine's day, 2017, our heart was broken by the the profound and devastating loss of our angel daughter, Allison. Our gift from God has given us 31 years of joy and love.  Please keep her in your prayers.
She has battled bipolar depression for almost 20 twenty years and on February 12 she lost that battle.  After two days in the ICU, we had the respirator removed and donated her organs for transplant and research. We take comfort in the thought that her gift will give life to others and hopefully help them find the happiness that eluded her.
The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation was an important organization to her, and last year she asked friends and family to consider donating to it through Amazon Smile. So, in her memory, we ask you to consider a donation as well, directly or through Amazon Smile.
We cannot help Allison anymore at this point, but maybe someone else will be helped because of our donations.


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