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Charitable Chaos

A personal campaign sponsored by ACI100, Lee McCusker, and MJ Bradley

January 2, 2023

Support Me

ACI100, Lee McCusker, and MJ Bradley are proud to present this year's Charitable Chaos event!

Together, our goal is to raise 3,000 dollars this holiday season. To thank you for your efforts in reaching this goal, we will have smaller fundraising goals with rewards unlocked at each level!

ACI will have an early donator drawing made of members who donate in the first $500 of public donations. The winner will be able to choose from a Virtual or Physical prize.

1000 - Sam Gabriel will read a short fanfiction piece to be determined by a poll.

1500 - On Panic! at The Discord there will be a fanfic reading and reaction session, as well as two chapters of *The Last Rose* released to everyone.

2000 - Lee McCusker will poll his server to see what they would like from him, so head on over there and stay tuned to have your say.

2500 - Matt versus Ace trivia, live.

3000 - All three authors will record a Q&A podcast together.

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