Heather Bleick Memorial

A personal campaign sponsored by Peter Cervelli

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Gene and Joan Cervelli $200.00 • December 30, 2017
Anonymous $25.00 • August 2, 2017
Patrick Johnson $25.00 • May 8, 2017 Thank you for sharing Heather's story. Her struggles reinforce the need for continued research to improve diagnosis and treatment of brain disorders. Our hearts go out to you and your family. It is evident that she was dearly loved and truly missed.

Our son, Ryan Johnson, chose to end his struggle with bipolar disorder on June 28, 2016. In honor of Ryan's birthday we would like to remember Heather and all those who suffer from brain disorders.
Francesca Cervelli December 22, 2015 Given by Gene and Joan Cervelli in the name of Francesca Cervelli and Monica Browner
Kathie Parker December 22, 2015 Given by Gene and Joan Cervelli in the name of Kathie Parker
Kris and Hanna Henderson December 16, 2015 Given by Gene and Joan Cervelli in the name of Kris and Hanna Henderson
Jessica Murray August 17, 2015 Heather touched many people with her kindness, generosity, and friendly nature. She lives on in all of us who have fond memories of her that inspire us to treat others in the same way.
Anonymous $100.00 • July 28, 2015
Anonymous $300.00 • May 30, 2015
Anonymous $250.00 • May 26, 2015 Here's a gift to the memory of Heather Bleick, a sparkling and generous friend, who left us far too soon. Thank you for setting up this fund to help others avoid this illness that plagues so many.
Anonymous $100.00 • May 19, 2015
Nancy (Sheena) Owen May 12, 2015 I am so sorry for the loss of your dear wife. I am a friend of your mother, Joan, who I work with at Scottsdale Public Library. I am very touched by all that I hear about this lovely lady and hope something can be done to help others who suffer from a disorder that is so misunderstood. Take care Peter....... Sheena (Nancy) Owen
John & Gayle Crowley May 12, 2015
Anonymous $100.00 • May 9, 2015 From USGS Friends in Menlo Park
Hunter Walton & Co. Inc. $100.00 • May 7, 2015
Anonymous $100.00 • May 6, 2015
Grain Millers Dairy Products, Inc. May 6, 2015 Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the family. So sorry for your loss.
Gene and Joan Cervelli May 5, 2015
Jo Douglas $250.00 • May 5, 2015 In memory of Heather, with love from Jo and Malc
Anonymous $4,000.00 • May 1, 2015

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