Memorial for Robert Lowell Smith

A personal campaign sponsored by Melissa Handley

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Trevor Dennie June 5, 2016 Sorry about the delay! Hope you and the rest of your family are doing OK.
Barbara Matson April 20, 2016
Anonymous April 8, 2016
Rhonda Trosky April 7, 2016 Melissa, I cannot think of a better way to spend money than to help in this way. Many of my family suffer from mental illness and I'm honored to be part of this in memory of your Dad. Thank You, for your love and kindness to your family members in each season of life. We love and honor your Dad today.

Pete and Rhonda Trosky
Jennifer Holland April 7, 2016 I didn't know your dad, but he was obviously special to you and a very loving person. Watching someone you love "disappear" over time is tough. I wish you and Keith all the best.

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