David Keith Glenn

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Laura Black $50.00 • April 19, 2016
Gary Glenn Family $40.00 • April 18, 2016 Kim, we are so sorry for your loss. David was a good guy and I have been proud to be a member of the same family. Having bipolar disorder myself, I wouldn't pretend to know the struggles and pain David went through, they are different for all of us. You are spot on, he is free of pain and strife and I am confident he is with God.
Robert Glenn family $100.00 • April 18, 2016 I wish there was words sufficient to comfort you. I pray for God's sweet loving arms to envelope you and give you peace. I will continue to pray for you all daily. I love you all, Aunt Liz.
John and Tracey Bullard April 18, 2016
kimberly avery $50.00 • April 18, 2016 You have the best brother in the world!
Tricia Cooper $50.00 • April 18, 2016 Love you, Kim!!

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