Donations In Loving memory of Kelsey Mariah Thomas

A personal campaign sponsored by Molly Thomas

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Anonymous $25.00 • August 2, 2017
Patrick & Mary Jo Johnson $25.00 • May 8, 2017 Thank you for sharing Kelsey's story. She sounds like an amazing person and the world is lessened by her loss. Our hearts go out to you and your family. It is evident that Kelsey was dearly loved and her presence truly missed.

Our son, Ryan Johnson, chose to end his struggle with bipolar disorder on June 28, 2016. In honor of Ryan's birthday we would like to remember Kelsey and all those who suffer from mental health issues.
Anonymous $250.00 • December 9, 2016
Anonymous $70.00 • November 26, 2016
Joseph/Jen Bentfield $100.00 • November 26, 2016 We love you! You are in our thoughts and prayers.
David Gines $50.00 • November 25, 2016
Tanael E $50.00 • November 25, 2016
Manoj Tangri November 24, 2016 Dear Molly, please stay strong through this. Even though its hard to imagine right now, but the sun will shine again soon. Kelsey is in a better place and at peace.
Maddie Morrow and Katie Turner $30.00 • November 23, 2016 We love you, Kelsey.
Anonymous $30.00 • November 23, 2016
The Schlesinger Family $100.00 • November 23, 2016
Zoe Buyers $5.00 • November 23, 2016
Sophia Schlesinger November 23, 2016 She will forever be in our hearts. ??
John Kelley November 22, 2016 So sorry Molly. Let me know how I can help.
Anonymous $50.00 • November 21, 2016
Rochelle $100.00 • November 21, 2016 Hi Molly! So sorry for your loss! Please feel free to lean on us- we're here to help! You and your daughter are in our thoughts and prayers.
-Rochelle and Donivon
Paul $100.00 • November 21, 2016 Hello sista!! I know words are meaningless right now but i can only pray that you will get enough strength to see you through these dark times. We love you and we miss you and may Kelsy rest in peace!

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