The Isaac Heifetz Mental Illness Memorial Fund

A personal campaign sponsored by Lillian LaSalle

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Robin and Ali Selim January 18, 2017
Amanda Hartman $50.00 • January 17, 2017 Dearest Lillian-

So sorry for this loss. Sending you lots of strength and love and calm in this time. My deepest thouggts of love and compassion are wrapping you up!
Sheetal Sheth and Neil Mody $101.00 • January 17, 2017 Much love to you and your family L.
Mik Moore $72.00 • January 17, 2017
michael phillips January 17, 2017
Kim Allen January 17, 2017 What a beautiful gift Isaac receives, having you to tell his story. You are ever inspiring in all ways of life. My love to you, your family, and Isaac, wherever his soul may be.
Lillian LaSalle $250.00 • January 17, 2017

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