Nick Ciriello Tribute

A personal campaign sponsored by Linda McAward

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Bonnie &Barney $100.00 • May 15, 2017 We are honored to make a donation in memory of Nick. We love all of you.
Christine Silva $50.00 • May 15, 2017 It was with great sadness that I learned of Nick's passing. Please except my heartfelt condolences and may your many memories of him help to sustain you at this difficult time.
Anonymous $50.00 • May 15, 2017 Linda and Danielle you are in our thoughts and prayers. Love you!
Dorothy Simnett $50.00 • May 12, 2017 Your story needs to be told nationwide. It is the stigma that keeps victims silent.
For Nick, for all of those affected and especially for those those who have been silenced for ever.
Their silence will be deafening one day.
Doug McIntyre $100.00 • May 12, 2017

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