Art and Bars for Mental Health Awareness

A personal campaign sponsored by Alex Qian

January 26, 2018

Support Me
Arturo Gonzalez $20.00 • January 21, 2018 Great job Alex. I hope the event is a success!
Josh Levin $10.00 • January 19, 2018 So awesome you’re doing this! Giving back is so great, hope this little bit helps.
Tyler Koopmans $50.00 • January 15, 2018 For the boyce
Anonymous $150.00 • January 15, 2018 Hey man, really admire what you are doing. Sarah and I would love to help you.
Kavita $50.00 • January 10, 2018 Love that you're putting this together, Alex! So proud of you!
Vivian Qian $50.00 • January 10, 2018 GO ALEX!
Shuang Zhang January 4, 2018 To those who survived or are still fighting the great battle and to those who have been offering a compassionate hand to the worriers
Ali Atallah $20.00 • January 4, 2018 I hope that my humble contribution would count.

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