In Memory of Chester Bennington

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Anthony/Astat $15.00 • March 20, 2018 More than happy to put you guys over the $3k mark. I do love you despite you claiming otherwise on Twitter the other day, lol.
Gauri Jain $20.00 • March 20, 2018 I had promised myself in August that I would donate whatever I can, whenever I can.Today it's Chester's birthday and I want to make my contribution. He always gave so much back to the world. So today on his birthday, I am doing my part. Thank you LP fan corner for everything you have done since that day. I love you guys, you are amazing! Stay strong, always. I hope my little contribution makes a difference. Thank you! <3
germanmoni March 6, 2018 I like what You guys do, I miss Chester every day and the Rest of the Band. I’m proud to be part of the family. I was 10 years at dialysis, because of kidney diseases. In 2016 I was transplantated and now I’m feeling good. I’m very grateful about this and I want to help other people.
I donated also music for relief and I’ll make a donation to 320changes. So let us help.....
Anonymous $20.00 • March 6, 2018 Such an important cause
Anonymous $20.00 • February 5, 2018 Such an important cause
Anonymous $20.00 • January 5, 2018 Such an important cause
Anonymous $20.00 • December 5, 2017 Such an important cause
Anonymous $20.00 • November 5, 2017 Such an important cause
Craig Burton $20.00 • October 30, 2017 In honour of "happiness".
Anonymous $20.00 • October 6, 2017 Such an important cause
Anonymous $50.00 • September 11, 2017
Raissa Walberg $200.00 • September 10, 2017 This is the money that we've collected via an auction at the memorial of Chester Bennington in Amsterdam, NL.wiss
Anonymous $20.00 • September 5, 2017 Such an important cause
Anonymous $20.00 • August 29, 2017
Anonymous $20.00 • August 29, 2017 Thank you LPFCorner for this beautiful initiative! You #MakeChesterproud <3
Anonymous $100.00 • August 28, 2017
Anonymous $983.00 • August 16, 2017
Anna and Kaya $35.00 • August 11, 2017 Thank you for this amazing idea. Chester and LP meant and mean a lot to the both of us. We both discovered the band together (through anime music videos). We went on many concerts together, had fun with our friends there (and also while watching LPTV now and then) and enjoyed the music immensely. We are amazing at singing In the End together. xD We miss Chester tremendously and we love him and send hugs to everyone who feels the same. xxx Love, Anna and Kaya
David Mascall $20.00 • August 6, 2017 Thank you Chester for all your help during my darkest times forever. Who cares if one more light goes out, well I do, we all do #ripchester #gonetoosoon
Ettore Incerti $35.00 • August 6, 2017 Thx Chester with your angelic voice in the messenger you give to my marriage something special. You will be forever part of me
Rip angel

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