Running for Research

A personal campaign sponsored by Jennifer Spangler

April 9, 2016

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Kathleen Doorly October 8, 2015 Jennifer,
We are so proud of you for supporting this worthy cause! You are blessed with a wonderful family and extended family that both love and support you!! Good luck in reaching your goal, I have confidence you will, just like you have in life!

You go girl!
Warm Regards,
Dale and Kathy
Mary Ellen Fletcher October 8, 2015 Go Get'em Girl. So proud of you Jennifer and love you loads.!!
Aunt Merley and Uncle Kenny xoxo
Anonymous October 7, 2015 So proud of you and know this will be an amazing experience! Congratulations on making a difference, you are a hero in so many lives!
We look forward to hearing of your training progress and especially the big day!

Rob and Carrie Flintom
PS. Go buy a foam roller!! :)
Anonymous October 7, 2015
Anonymous October 5, 2015 Good Luck! I know you can do it once you set yourself a goal.
Michael Spangler October 5, 2015
John Wodarski October 5, 2015 Jen,
There are a lot of people with B/P and other issues in the closet. You're a trooper and have always faced the B/P malady openly and head on so good on you. Keep up the effort and be proud of yourself!
Cherie Wodarski October 3, 2015
Portia Zwicker September 30, 2015 Hi Jennifer,
I was looking at this site, contemplating the idea of setting up my own fundraiser, when I found your campaign. I lost my mother to suicide in January. She'd been suffering from bipolar disorder. Also, I lived in RVA a few years back, and it's where I got into running. I ran the Monument Ave 10k twice and the nTelos 8k once.
I've linked to your page on facebook in the hopes that my Richmond friends will also donate.
Best of luck and thank you!
Jennifer Spangler September 27, 2015 Join me in supporting this amazing organization!
Amy McVaugh September 25, 2015 I admire your courage to speak for those who can't/won't speak for themselves. Keep up the great work!
Oh, and I love you even more because you didn't ask me to run. Eww. ;)

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