Becoming An Ironman For Mental Illness

A personal campaign sponsored by Adrian Hunter

December 28, 2015

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Briar and Elliot Goldberg $100.00 • February 28, 2016 Brian and Adrian -

What a worthy cause! Good luck - we'll be cheering from afar!
Anonymous $50.00 • February 26, 2016
Ross Nelson $20.00 • February 26, 2016
Julie & Tommy Erickson / Kelly $200.00 • February 25, 2016 So proud of you guys!!! You have Tommy and my support 100% of the way! Good luck with your training and, of course, the big race!!!
Karl Christiansen $500.00 • February 25, 2016 Adrian and Brian, you are doing an awesome service for a very worthy cause and for your own life experience. Enjoy the water wheels and ground under your feet and the peace of mind and heart that you deserve for your service.
The Swaffords $100.00 • February 25, 2016 Good luck to both of you!
Alex Goldberg February 24, 2016 WOO HOO
Andy Curtis February 24, 2016 Good stuff guys! Very admirable!
Goldberg Properties $250.00 • February 24, 2016 Looking forward to seeing you in ST George and watching you beat the crap out of the competition. Great that you are doing this for mental illness .
Mark and Dit Goldberg $100.00 • February 24, 2016 Brian and Adrian, Good luck and we're glad we will be there to cheer you on. Mark and Dit
Peter Spisiak $50.00 • February 24, 2016
Anonymous $100.00 • February 24, 2016
John Wainwright $20.00 • February 24, 2016 Go get it. Beat Litke.

*1/2 Ironman* btw
David Miller $100.00 • February 24, 2016 Just finishing the race will be an experience you'll never forget. It will be even more special since you're doing this for a good cause. During the race you will be surrounded by people who have an unstoppable drive in them. They believe that they can accomplish anything with hard work and determination. See you at the finish line.
Jenny Miller February 22, 2016 Proud of you guys!!

-Jenny and Hayden
Bradley Iino $50.00 • February 16, 2016
Shomrat Sarkar $40.00 • February 5, 2016
Adam Handlos February 4, 2016
Stephanie Brooks $100.00 • February 2, 2016 I am so proud of you and could not be happier to support you and this cause. I will be cheering you on the entire way (from SF!) GOOD LUCK!!
BRIGITTE PARANT $50.00 • January 31, 2016 Adrien,
Ton projet est beau et courageux et on sera de tout coeur avec toi pendant ces exploits, pour partager un peu de vos efforts et de votre souffrance à toi et à ton ami.
Vous êtes tous les deux les bienvenus à la maison quand vous voulez et pour le temps que vous voulez.
prenez des granules d'arnica (homéopathie) en 9CH avant, pendant et après les épreuves.
Bises à partager avec tes parents

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