Hank's Hope For A Cure

A personal campaign sponsored by Deutschendorf, Shaw, Ranjbaran & Byrd Families

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Golding Family July 20, 2017
Anonymous July 20, 2017
Anonymous July 20, 2017
Rory Young July 20, 2017 Love you guys, Rory and Connie Young.
Alan Steinberg July 19, 2017
Anonymous July 19, 2017
G Frankie Highnam July 19, 2017
Anonymous July 19, 2017 Sorry for your loss. Hank was a really nice guy.
Danica Nacionales July 19, 2017
Joshua Himelrick July 18, 2017
Wade Haddock July 18, 2017
Anonymous July 18, 2017 Our thoughts to the family from the Metro Detroit Ghostbusters
Anonymous July 18, 2017 This ones from Hank
Evelyn Dela Cruz July 13, 2017
John Denver Aspenglow Fund at Aspen Community Foundation July 11, 2017
Mark Thompson July 10, 2017 Will,
Your writing gave me a deeper appreciation of Hank. What a great force he was!!
Thank you,
Anonymous July 10, 2017
Marley O'Connor July 9, 2017 Hank was my inspiration and mentor for ten years. He and Will always supported me and really stood up for me at my worst times. No matter how much he struggled, he did as much as he possibly could for the school, its students, and his family. I am going to remember our time together forever, and am so grateful to have been influenced by him.
Howard Merriken July 9, 2017
Marc Caravaggio & Nikki Leddo July 9, 2017

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