Hank's Hope For A Cure

A personal campaign sponsored by Deutschendorf, Shaw, Ranjbaran & Byrd Families

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Tom Mazzetta July 8, 2017
Warshaw Family July 8, 2017 It was an honor to know Hank. His teaching, his example, and his encouragement make such a difference for our kids and so many others. Thank you to the Deutschendorf family for sharing Hank with us.
Inge Kaminski July 8, 2017 I still can't believe it ... I did not know Hank, but he must have been an extraordinary, special person.
I am so sorry for your loss!!
Anonymous July 8, 2017 Hank was a good guy. I always felt that he had my back.
Anonymous July 8, 2017
Anonymous July 8, 2017
Siavash Haghighi July 8, 2017 Hope this help.
Ron, Jill, Kelsey, Kevin and Will July 8, 2017
Crystal Downey July 8, 2017
Andrew Luck July 8, 2017 Hank was a great inspiration, mentor, and friend to my son Cade Luck who was a student of Hank and Will's for over 5 years until earning his black belt only months ago. Hank and Will made my life as his father so much easier because of the respect, conviction, and responsibility that they instilled in Cade. Thank you for all of the great times in the dojo and a life time of great memories! Hank will always be missed and never be forgotten.
Anonymous July 8, 2017
Maria Andrulonis & Sean Gharabaghli July 8, 2017 We are sorry for your loss and our thoughts are with your families. We are so proud of the work you have already done and the work you will do in the future to help break down the stigma and bring awareness to mental illness. Thank you for taking a stand.
Eric Montgomery July 7, 2017
Anonymous July 7, 2017
Anonymous July 7, 2017
Anonymous July 7, 2017 No words to utter. Just sorrow and deep sadness. May he rest in peace and be showered by God's grace and mercy for eternity. May God grant increased patience to his family and friends, and those who endure this great loss. Amen.
Gaudi Family July 7, 2017 In the cup... :)
Anonymous July 7, 2017 Our heartfelt condolences on this tragic loss. We will really miss Hank and the positive influence he had on the kids at WCMAA.
Our prayers are with the family during these difficult times.
Susan Lockwood July 7, 2017
Anthony Brewin July 7, 2017 I am so sorry for your loss.
I hope that our contributions really can help to make a difference and find a cure.

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