Ryan P Johnson Memorial Fund

A personal campaign sponsored by Patrick Johnson

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Anonymous $400.00 • July 14, 2016
Margaret Butler $50.00 • July 14, 2016 We will love and miss you for the rest of our lives, Ry Guy! Thank you for continuing to do so much good for others, even after your passing.
Anonymous $100.00 • July 14, 2016
Anonymous $100.00 • July 13, 2016
Anonymous $50.00 • July 13, 2016
Patrick Johnson $435.00 • July 13, 2016 This donation was made on behalf of:
Diane Jueneman-Mash & Ryan Mash;
Bonnie & Jim Roed;
Darrin & Anissa Dickerson;
Diane Wolf;
Nona Lee Wehrenberg;
Jennifer Rowan;
Monica Lovan;
Kathy Jo & Joe Fahey;
Jean Prather;
Chris, Sandy, Alex, & Brian Mozey;
Lisa Benolken;
Denise Whipps;
Tracy & Barry Malm;
Jerry & Darci Glatt
Patrick Johnson $865.00 • July 13, 2016 This donation was made on behalf of
Carl, Sherry, Rob, & Trevor Stemm
John & Pat Otto
Dan, Carrie, Tony, & Ali Carlin
Peggy & Earl Steinbrenner
Steve & Audrey Massimore & Justin & Alli Isaacson
Deb, Bob, Colleen, & Maggie Mans
Barb & Denny Angland
Bonnie & Arvid Gutzwiller
Stephen & Gina Lammers
Tom, Sherry, Nate, Nicole, & Brianna Ewert
Lisa Tonder
Bob & Cheryl Jechorek
Barb Kastanek
Butch Eaton
Mark, Laurie, & Amelia Eaton
Patrick Johnson $715.00 • July 13, 2016 This donation was made on behalf of:
Paul & Jackie Lund
Kathryn Keen
Sue & Terry Veillette
Bob & Anne Gaskill
Wally & Faye Olsen
Luther Johnson & Mary Brown
Duane & Vicki
Steve & Cindy Broste
Greg & Kathy Brown
David, Dawn, Matt, & Ben Braun
Patrick & Jean Helders
Joan Demeules
Kyle, Greg, Scott, & Caitlin Hood
Janet Benz
Mark & Ann Tranvik
Harold & Sandy Hansen
Rod Hansen
Marge Schaub
Bonnie & Lane Anderson
Cory, Susan, & Lauren Anderson
Bridget Hage July 13, 2016
Anonymous $2,500.00 • July 12, 2016
Anonymous $25.00 • July 12, 2016
Stephen and Julie Hague July 12, 2016 Our thoughts and prayers are with Ryan's family and friends.

Steve and Julie Hague
Josh Field July 12, 2016
Anonymous $50.00 • July 12, 2016 Patrick and Mary Jo, Thank you for taking your deep grief and translating into being a teacher and advocate for this disease.
Medtronic, Inc. $100.00 • July 12, 2016 On behalf of the Medtronic Neuro Legal department, we send our heartfelt condolences to the Johnson family in support of the Ryan P. Johnson memorial fund.
Ben Gustafson $10.00 • July 12, 2016 This is on behalf of Nate Morris who is in Togo working for the Peace Corps and was unable to donate himself. He wanted me to pass along his condolences and a reminder of the fun loving Ryan we both knew in college.
Timothy Eaton $250.00 • July 12, 2016
Kathleen & Richard Kloos July 11, 2016 Remembering and treasuring with great joy the hours spent with Ryan years ago.
Kathleen & Richard Kloos
Heather Rose $50.00 • July 11, 2016 Patrick, Mary Jo and Nate,
I am deeply saddened by the loss that you and your family have encountered. My condolences.
Heather Rose
The Brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity - MN Alpha $100.00 • July 11, 2016 An additional collection on the behalf of Ryan's brother's at Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity.

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