Hank's Hope For A Cure

A personal campaign sponsored by Deutschendorf, Shaw, Ranjbaran & Byrd Families

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Anonymous July 1, 2017
Anonymous June 30, 2017
Manda Thaxton June 30, 2017 With love to your entire family. My heart breaks for you all!
Hank's Great Aunt Lila June 30, 2017
Anonymous June 29, 2017
Annette Weiner June 29, 2017
Anonymous June 29, 2017
Liling Song June 29, 2017 I'm so sorry so sad for the loss. I'll always remember him in my heart as the sweet, gentle, nice and caring Hank and a great Martial Arts teacher. My deepest condolences to Will, and the family.
Peter Califano June 29, 2017
The Boutsaboualoy Family June 29, 2017 One day, there will be a cure for this silent deadly disease. It maybe too late for those we love and have lost, but there's hope to save so many others by finding a cure.
Lucia Nguyen June 28, 2017
Anonymous June 28, 2017
The Picklesimer family June 27, 2017 Unfortunately, we know Hank's story is not uncommon, but rarely talked about. We hope that with more discussions and resources, more treatments and hopefully a cure will be found.
Anonymous June 27, 2017
Lisette Baxter June 27, 2017 My half-sister suffers from schizophrenia, & I know how devastating such an illness can be upon a sufferer & their loved ones.
I 've always been impressed by the Deutschendorf clan's infinite capacity for love, optimism & kindness. I am so sorry for the suffering Hank endured, & wish him all the peace of heaven with God. I'm sure Erma, Dutch & John are holding him in their arms now. May we work for a future where mental illness is better understood, & less stigmatized. My deepest condolences .
Jennifer Turbett June 27, 2017
The Goldsmith Family June 26, 2017 I only knew Hank from watching him and his brother at their dojo a couple of times. They both seemed like wonderful people who had meaningful impact on their students lives. I can't imagine how difficult his struggle must have been for him and those who loved him, but I'm inspired by the courage he showed in life and by the outpouring of love that I see now from friends and family. With Love, The Goldsmiths
Anonymous June 26, 2017
EricaK June 26, 2017
Sylvia Ashton June 26, 2017

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