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Friends of Gary Sevitsky

Sponsoring Gary Sevitsky Memorial Fund for Research into the Brain
$1,178,001 / $1,250,000
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Lynne McGrail

Sponsoring In honor of Neil Barber
$51,720 / $10,000
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Andrew Wilson

Sponsoring Timo Wilson Family and Friends
$45,430 / $25,000
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Ken Harrison, II

Sponsoring Help Me Find a Cure for Mental Illness
$30,150 / $30,000
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Deutschendorf, Shaw, Ranjbaran & Byrd Families

Sponsoring Hank's Hope For A Cure
$28,425 / $1,000,000
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The Stoddard Family

Sponsoring Kevin Stoddard Memorial Fund
$23,534 / $1,000,000
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Tara Lauderdale

Sponsoring Brendan Lauderdale Memorial
$20,661 / $30,000
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Adrian Hunter

Sponsoring Becoming An Ironman For Mental Illness
$17,052 / $15,000
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Kathleen Mattoon

Sponsoring Michael Mattoon Inaugural Golf Outing
$14,875 / $1,000
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The Carlton Family

Sponsoring In Memory of Jeff Carlton & Dennis Carlton
$13,975 / $1,000
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