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Paul Lavallee

Sponsoring In Loving Memory of Al DeBlois
$500 / $5,000
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Jeffrey Fentum

Sponsoring Alec Fentum Memorial Fund
$500 / $500
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Joey Edwards

Sponsoring In loving memory of Sherry King Burke
$495 / $10,000
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Jill Kline

Sponsoring In Memory of Ray Kline
$440 / $1,000
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Helen Mealy

Sponsoring In Loving Memory of Vivian Louise Wason
$413 / $2,000
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kimberly avery

Sponsoring David Keith Glenn
$390 / $1,001
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Linda McAward

Sponsoring Nick Ciriello Tribute $350 Raised
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Thomas Scott

Sponsoring Danny Wayne Moudy Memorial $300 Raised
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Kerry Veritas

Sponsoring The Dean McDonald Memorial Fund
$295 / $1,000
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Eleanor Chlan

Sponsoring In Memory of Allison Amanda Chlan Fellner
$275 / $1,000
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